We are Guardians of our clients

At Guardian IP Consulting, we pride ourselves on being more than just a team of experts. We are a passionate group of people who each love delivering results that make a difference to our clients.

Our team comprises experienced IP professionals, including European Patent Attorneys, European Design Attorneys and IP Coordinators, specialising in various technical fields, from biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and food science to software, chemistry, mechanics, electronics, physics and everything in between.

Dedicated specialised professionals
At Guardian, everyone is a specialist in their field, and we are never afraid to delve into even the most minor details to find new patent opportunities or ways to overturn an opponent’s patent.

We have a great responsibility towards our clients, and even when faced with the most complex cases, we don’t give up. We are always prepared to take on new challenges and adapt quickly to changes, even when new topics emerge without warning. This ensures that our customers get the best possible service every time.

Passion, drive and co-operation
In short, at Guardian IP Consulting, we’re not just passionate about what we do – we’re passionate about delivering exceptional results for our clients and endeavour to do so with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

Each of our employees works independently and immerses themselves in their specific areas of expertise. Nevertheless, we have a very personal work culture and a great social environment where everyone spars and shares their insights and knowledge. The fact that our employees have a high degree of freedom and, at the same time, always have a team of equally sharp colleagues to spar with means that we can always deliver consistent, high-quality results to our customers.

Our experts

Guardian has one of the largest and strongest team European Patent Attorneys in Denmark. We also have a strong team of European design consultant. Our team of patent coordinators together have many years of experience and several of them have the obtained the title Qualified Intellectual Property Administrator.

Mangement team

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Lene Hansen

European Patent Attorney, Partner


+45 77 34 44 81

David Hendriksen

European Patent Attorney, Managing Partner


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Steen Østergaard

European Patent Attorney, Partner


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We are Proud to be Recognised as one of the leading patent consulting firms in Europe by the Financial times.