IP Administration

Guardian gives you an overview and safe handling of your IP portfolio.

IP portfolios of patents and/or designs, both small and large, need experienced and constant management. Companies with a large IP portfolio can benefit from the range of external IP administration services that we can provide. At a practical day-to-day level, we ensure that vital deadlines are met; case files are updated; and we provide a stable and safe mechanism for the timely payment of renewal fees needed to keep patent and design rights in force.

Outsourcing your IP administration to Guardian IP Consulting allows you to transfer your administrative IP tasks to the secure hands of our qualified IP coordinators. They bring their many years of experience to the task of complying with the comprehensive formality regulations of the patent authorities worldwide during the prosecution and maintenance of your company’s IP rights. Our team of IP coordinators have the necessary expertise, irrespective of whether they are dealing with Danish, European or International IP authorities.

At Guardian, we use an advanced IP dedicated case management system as a work tool. In addition, we offer secure access to your total portfolio via an extranet (Myip.gipc.eu). This gives you an overview of the cases we manage for you; the cases you have with other companies; and the cases you have possibly chosen to manage yourself.

Selected IP Administration Services

  • Administration of all legal deadlines
  • Submission of entries to patent authorities
  • Document docking
  • Correspondence with subagents and preferred patent attorneys
  • IDS maintenance
  • Handling annuities
  • Cost estimates
  • Filing applications and responses before the DKPTO and EPO
  • EP Validation

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