How to get funding for costs related to a patent application

On April 17 and October 9, the 2023 edition of the patent voucher scheme opens for applications. The pool is expected to be a total of 5 million kroner, which is distributed equally between the two application rounds.

Are you planning to apply for funding for your patent work through a patent voucher? Get our best tips for the application process. The patent voucher scheme is a very popular offer from the Danish government, which gives companies the opportunity to apply for funding to cover the costs related to a patent application.

In addition to being a popular initiative, the patent voucher is also a unique offer for smaller companies, emphasizes our European Patent Attorney Annette Sørensen:

– The patent voucher is a great opportunity for small businesses. Most other support and funding schemes are connected to research, and you rarely have the option to spend the money directly on patent-related work. The expenses related to patenting can be very costly, so getting some of it covered is much appreciated for many smaller companies.

The actual process for applying for a patent voucher is relatively simple, but there are important things that applicants need to do beforehand to get a head start.

– First, you must meet some basic requirements as an SME in Denmark and answer some questions, such as what technology your company uses and what your business plan is. This is done through an IP check, which you book with your regional Erhvervshus. After this, it is a good idea to register your company in advance at Erhvervshus Nordjylland, which administers the distribution of patent vouchers. That way, you are prepared for when the application round opens – because the patent vouchers are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and they are usually distributed quickly, says Annette Sørensen.

The application for the patent voucher was the first time I applied for public funding. Annette told us that the scheme existed, helped us with the application process and with creating a plan for how we could use the funds to create the greatest possible value for our company.”

Dayanand Jadhav
G2B BioSolutions Aps

What will your company use the money for?

Being well in advance with your application does not just mean that you have the formal requirements in place. We also advise you to seek knowledge and sparring with your patent adviser, to clarify what the money can be used for – and what it cannot be used for.

– I have advised a company that wanted to file a European patent application.  Here you need to be aware that the patent voucher does not cover the filing fee of the application, but that the company was indeed able to use the funds for the preparation of their European application, as it is simply the application fee that is not covered, says Annette Sørensen.

She therefore recommends that companies have an assessment made and clarify what they need and whether the voucher covers this. The application process is handled in Danish, but you can submit your application in English.

– Companies should also keep in mind that the funds are not earmarked only for patent applications. You can apply more broadly and get money for all patent-related work, such as preparing a patent landscape, a freedom-to-operate analysis, or a patentability assessment. Even though it is called a patent voucher, it covers all patent-related work, says Annette Sørensen.

About the patent voucher

  • The pool was in 2022 a total of DKK 5 million, which was distributed in two rounds, and it is administered by Erhvervshus Nordjylland.
  • You can apply for up to DKK 100,000 in grants for patent-related work. However, your company must cover 25% of the total costs, so you can receive a maximum of DKK 75,000.
  • The patent voucher is awarded in the spring and autumn each year – you can stay updated with upcoming deadlines on the Danish Patent and Trademark Office’s website (in Danish).

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