You want to apply for a patent, but how do you go about the process?


We start with an introductory meeting, where you present your invention; based on that meeting, we will provide recommendations and suggestions on how to proceed. If you already have or can provide figures and a written description of your invention, this can make it easier to begin drafting the patent application; however, this is not a requirement. We can just as easily draw up figures based on photos or a model, and the actual patent application can be written based on your oral explanation or presentation.

  • Sometimes it is necessary to perform a preliminary patent literature search. We will determine whether this is necessary before filing your application and explain the advantages of doing so.
  • We will define the pros and cons of different strategies and draw up a budget for the process so there will be no unpleasant financial surprises.
  • If a long and detailed patent application is not within your budget, the initial costs can be reduced by involving you in the work of drawing up the figures and description.

When the first draft of the application is ready, we will ask you to review it and provide any comments you may have. Typically, we will then have another meeting – either in person or by phone – to discuss the application. We will make sure to explain how the application was drafted, e.g. the choices made along the way and their significance to, among other things, the scope of protection. We know that a patent application is not easily comprehensible for laymen, so we will do our very best to talk you through the structure of the application and the significance thereof.

When the application has been filed with the patent office, we will keep you notified of the terms and time limits that must be observed, and let you know, when the patent authority has conducted a novelty search and patentability assessment. We have your back during the entire process – before and after a patent has been granted.

Guardian has one of Denmark’s largest and strongest teams of european patent attorneys providing expertise in diverse technical fields

Our experts have many years of experience in all steps of the patent process – so you can put your trust in us to pinpoint your options.

We always strive to make it easy and straightforward for you as a client to obtain the optimum protection of your ideas and inventions. We use the best tools that the world of IP has to offer to protect your company in the best way possible. We like to understand both the business part of your company as well as the technical details of your invention or the visual impression of your product; this way we can help you obtain the IP rights that truly give value to you and your company.

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