Our way of working

The most important thing is to protect your business in the best possible way

No matter what industry, size or type of business we work with, our approach is the same. We review the entire company and approach the product from every angle, down to the smallest detail, while we consider the bigger picture.

We endeavour to understand both the commercial aspects of your business and all the technical subtleties of your invention and the visual appearance of your product. This way, we can create IP rights that add actual value for you and your business.

We must always keep the commercial aspect in mind because no matter how many IP rights we add to the product, it means nothing if no competitive advantage is gained.

We are highly specialised in our field, and we love a challenge. This means we keep going until we’ve analysed the product to the smallest detail. At the same time, we’re always honest with our customers if we realise early on in the process that a new approach is needed.

We also look at your competitors’ products and analyse them to determine if they have a patent that can be overturned in favour of your product.

We guard your rights
We see ourselves as guardians of your rights and investigators who delve deep to solve even the most difficult riddles and assemble the most challenging puzzles. Because there are times when all the pieces need to be spread out, twisted and turned to find the right solution.

And it never stops with just the product. We are happy to follow your company and all your products in the future and regularly check that your rights keep pace with the development of your products so that your company maintains its position in the market.

Then there are all the practicalities like managing your patent and design portfolio, paying annual fees and identifying patent rights that have lost their commercial significance and should be abandoned or sold.


Guardian has one of the largest and strongest teams of European Patent Attorneys in Denmark providing expertise in diverse technical fields. Guardian also has a strong team of European design consultants. Our team of patent coordinators have together many years of experience and several have obtained the title Qualified Intellectual Property Administrator.

Management Team

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Lene Hansen

European Patent Attorney, Partner


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David Hendriksen

European Patent Attorney, Managing Partner


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Steen Østergaard

European Patent Attorney, Partner


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