Ruxandra Olteanu

Design consultant, M.Sc. (Culture, Communication and Globalisation)

+45 77 34 44 90

Since 2010 Ruxandra has worked with IP consulting, including trademark and design. Ruxandra has previous experience as a trademark consultant, where she worked for small and medium sized enterprises from different industries, such as technics and agricultue. Ruxandra started at Guardian IP Consulting in 2016 as a design consultant. Ruxandra primarily works with:

  • Building the strategy for the registration of a design or family of designs;
  • Preparing and/or reviewing design drawings;
  • Handling and responding to refusal notifications or invalidity applications from various IP offices/third parties, either directly or through local agents.

Ruxandra works with projects that vary in scale, from fairly easy Community Registered Designs, to complex design registration projects, spanning across several continents.

Ruxandra came to Guardian IP Consulting in 2016, and has previously work as a Trademark Consultant, assisting companies both small and large from different industries.

Ruxandra has a Masters Degree within Market Communication and Consumption, which makes it easy for her to understand what drives consumers, as well as how their needs can be met. That, coupled with her experience with designs, means that she can place herself in the clients shoes, and can help identify solutions that best serve the needs of her clients.

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