Lau Lund Olsen

IP consultant, Partner, European Patent Attorney, European Design Attorney, MSc (Mechanical Engineering), Diploma in “Patent Litigation in Europe”, University of Strasbourg.
Since 1996 Lau has worked as a patent attorney in private practice advising Danish and international clients in all aspects of patent protection with a clear focus on the business strategy of the clients. He has worked for many clients ranging from smaller businesses and start-ups to some of the largest companies in the world.
Lau advises clients in a variety of technical fields like mechanical engineering, engineering design and product development, medical technology, combined heat and power (CHP), metal casting and foundry technique, offshore technology, oil production technology, diesel engines, wind turbine technology, wave power, production equipment, process equipment, pumps, valves, ventilation technology, heat exchangers, control engineering and robotics.

Doris Roth

Doris works primarily within the technical fields of chemistry, food technology, biotechnology, and molecular biology.