Kvadrat Acoustics: IP protection of exclusive acoustic panels worldwide

When architects design spaces, acoustics often play a major role. Kvadrat Acoustics specializes in aesthetic and functional textile panels and appreciates that Guardian IP Consulting considers the company’s product development in their work. 

Kvadrat Acoustics develops textile panels with a patented technology for tensioning almost any type of textile. The company’s innovation department has now developed a new concept with three-dimensional panels, which consist of an aluminum grid, with textile following it’s wavy shapes. The structure makes you think of the wings on airplanes from the 1930´s.

Kvadrat Acoustics’ innovative solutions make them popular among customers, but unfortunately also among copyists, which means that the company needs comprehensive patent protection.

– It is crucial for our company that we patent our solutions. We put a lot of work into making outstanding technology and therefore we are sometimes being copied. We operate in the construction industry, where there is no great tradition of patent protection, but we benefit greatly from it, also because we put some muscle behind it and actively pursue copyists, says Jesper Nielsen, Design Director at Kvadrat Acoustics.

While patents in the construction industry are rare, there are, however, many patents related to tightening of textiles, of varying quality. This is why it is essential for Kvadrat Acoustics, not only to protect its solutions, but also to navigate among the existing ones.

– Kvadrat Acoustics has an exclusive customer segment and delivers panels for operas and similar sites. The company has many competitors who are eager to copy. Many suppliers can provide ceiling panels with fabric, but Kvadrat Acoustics has a much better method and therefore the company´s patents are important, says Lau Lund Olsen, European Patent Attorney and partner at Guardian IP Consulting.

Proper patent consulting requires insight into product development

In the collaboration with Kvadrat Acoustics, Guardian IP Consulting handles several tasks, including conducting monthly competitor monitoring and monitoring new patents that may have an impact on Kvadrat Acoustics’ business.

– Guardian is fully involved in our product development whenever we create something new. They guide us in which approach could be most advantageous if we have two different options and therefore, they are a proper sparring partner for our product development, says Jesper Nielsen and continues:

– We have achieved solid patent protection, where all our patent claims have been approved, and I am sure that this is mainly due to Guardian’s good technical and mechanical understanding. They always put in effort and show great commitment in their work.

Cooperation is important

At Guardian IP Consulting, it is also important that the collaboration contributes to Kvadrat Acoustics´ business. This is done, among other things, by discussing the patentability of new product features.

We often discuss whether a specific feature provides value for Kvadrat Acoustics´ customers, because there is no reason to patent an idea if there is no business value in protecting that specific technology.

Lau Lund Olsen
European Patent Attorney & Partner, Guardian IP Consulting

While patenting has traditionally protected engineering work, Kvadrat Acoustics´ patent strategy is an interesting showcase of the need for IP protection among architects and their suppliers, where aesthetics and function go hand in hand.

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