Enduro Genetics: An early focus on patents ensures broad protection and creates investor interest

Upscaling biotechnological processes can be a difficult task to solve, but the startup Enduro Genetics has invented a new technology that makes this possible. An early and broad patent means that the company can protect its newly developed technology while also attracting investors.

Denmark has many companies that work with biological products such as food, medicine, and enzymes, which have in common that their products start as microorganisms in laboratories and later are moved to production on a massive scale. This upscaling process can be difficult to succeed with and in some cases, it is slowed down completely. Enduro Genetics wants to change this. The company, which is a spinout from DTU, has developed a synthetic biology technology, which means that the product is produced again and again. The method is different from those previously used and therefore patenting has been essential in bringing the product closer to the market.

What we do is so different from other technologies and therefore it has been crucial that we have focused on patenting early, to protect ourselves best and secure investments. It has meant a lot that Guardian has been with us from the start and followed us in the products we have further developed

Peter Rugbjerg, CEO
Enduro Genetics

As a postdoc at DTU, Peter Rugbjerg invented the technology that would later form the basis of Enduro Genetics. Today, the company’s portfolio consists of two patent families, the latest of which is very focused on what the market demands. Here, it has been crucial to get a broad patent, which covers a completely new technology.

– “Guardian has an incredibly good understanding of this new technology that we work with. We come with raw data and they have looked at the broad spectrum, which has meant that we have been able to secure a wide patent coverage and it is their merit that we have got the patent we have. You have patents and then you have really good patents”, says Peter Rugbjerg.

Biotech investors want to see patentable products

At Guardian IP Consulting, patent consultant Annette Sørensen is also enthusiastic about the collaboration with the startup company, where she can dive into the subject matter, in a different way than with many other customers.

– “It is always exciting to work with spinouts because they are so passionate. We typically have a long dialogue and sparring back and forth and work towards it becoming an invention from an IP point of view, where we especially look at the commercialization potential”, says Annette Sørensen and continues:

– “For biotech startups, it is very much about attracting funding and investors are not interested in solutions that cannot be patented. It provides leverage and protection to have a patent behind your invention.”

The commercial point of view means a lot, because Enduro Genetics moves within venture capital and has a technology that can be groundbreaking. This means that the broad patent plays a vital role.

– “Guardian looked really closely at the patent rules and found that we fit into a category that is very innovative, which ensured that we got the broad patent. They are very proactive and at the same time, they are scientists who understand biochemistry and can challenge us”, says Peter Rugbjerg.

With a solid patent strategy, Enduro Genetics is able to help other companies with their processes, because the patent allows the company to tell its customers about the process and how it creates value, rather than having to be secretive about the invention.

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