DISA: Many years of patenting contributes to market leading position

Since the 1960´s, DISA has worked dedicatedly on protecting the company´s intellectual property. Being able to deliver the best products which create value for customers, is the driving force of DISA´s innovation and development. Thus, it is essential for DISA to have a patent advisor who understands its business.  

Through several decades, DISA has produced moulding equipment and process lines, which are used all over the world. In the 1960´s the company bought a patent for the production line DISAMATIC, a revolutionary invention, which took the production of moulding equipment from a manual to an automated production. 

While the original DISAMATIC patent has expired many years ago, DISA has continued to develop the technology and has patented the new developments throughout the years.

Today, I would say that we are leading within our areas of business, as none of our competitors have equipment that looks like ours. We are setting the agenda and taking the lead on developing new products, such as our DISA Mould Accuracy Controller.

Per Larsen, Innovation Manager

The DISA Mould Accuracy Controller, or simply DISA MAC, measures any irregularities and secures optimal conditions for moulding and is part of the supplementing equipment that DISA develops for the company´s moulding equipment.

”The DISA MAC is a complex product, which helps to improves DISA’s core product. Therefore, it is important to have it properly protected. DISA operates on many markets and we incorporate this in DISA´s IP strategy in order to find out which patents DISA should apply for and in which countries”, says Lau Lund Olsen, European Patent Attorney and partner at Guardian IP Consulting.

Especially China is one of the markets where DISA is focused on protecting its IP rights, as several competitors located there are largely inspired by DISA’s design. The importance of having a broad IP protection has been an eye opener for DISA.

”We have been on a journey with Lau in our collaboration. Previously, we gave much attention to patents. But now we are also focused on design protection and utility models. These learnings about the many aspects of IPR have given us a more nuanced approach to the area” says Per Larsen.

IP strategy is incorporated in development processes

As a market leader, DISA has a great focus on investing in research and development, in order for the company to keep its leading position. DISA´s development strategy contains several stages, which are followed whenever DISA develops a new product. This entails evaluating the IPR possibilities early in the process.  

“We innovate to create new solutions that help our customers to be able to do their work better, not for our solutions to be patentable. Still, investigating the IP possibilities, is deeply rooted in our development process”, says Per Larsen and continues:

”My collaboration with Guardian is easy, because they understand our business and know our products, so we are always on the same page. It means a lot to us, that they are part of our entire journey.”

Likewise, it is vital for Guardian IP Consulting that DISA trusts the collaboration, which is not just about writing quality patent and design applications but also being able to deliver the knowledge that DISA needs, like providing the company with a quick overview of markets and competitors.  

The development of DISA is a prime example of the necessity of making quality product improvements, which customers continue to buy. Here, the IP protection helps to safeguard DISA´s groundbreaking products, just like it did 60 years ago.

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